Do you need some inspiration for your next customer event? Or for a senior managers’ meeting? Dr. Katrin Prüfig gives regular “impulse lectures” on these and related questions. Online and Offline. Have you found something that fits your requirements? Or are you interested in other issue? Please contact us!

Acoustic Charisma

How to motivate, inspire and convince people – at work and in public speaking

The attention is on you – the room goes quiet. You present your ideas with passion – the audience is gripped. You spell out the merits of your project – the response is applause and approval. It’s a dream that many share. Who would not want to have the persuasive powers of Steve Jobs? Or the rhetorical skills of Barack Obama? How to construct sentences to have the maximum impact? The right emphasis? The ideal speed of delivery? We use artificial intelligence to “break down” the charisma of a voice into 16 parameters that we can evaluate. Being aware of the most valuable parameters and enhancing them through training can be of huge benefit. There is no doubt that people with high levels of acoustic charisma inspire trust. They are people we are happy to follow, regardless of whether they’re trying to sell the latest smart phone or a life insurance policy.

My impulse lecture explains the strategies that leading executives employ to win the hearts and minds of their audiences – and how especially women profit from training their acoustic charisma. The way we speak, how we use our voices, is not something that is simply handed down to us and it is important to understand that there are many different ways to boost our acoustic potential.

Presenting like the professionals

Ten ways to step up your performance both digitally and in real life

We all know: There are plenty of presentations that have not got one bit better as a result of being consigned to the digital realm. Long-winded bombardments with turgid slides and charts. Too much tiresome information. It is all, it seems, more the rule than the exception. So, how do I get it right? How do I win over an audience? How do I make it just a little bit easier for my bosses, my customers, my colleagues to listen to my message?
My impulse lecture shows how in many respects, your listeners and mine function in much the same way as the cavemen of old – and what that means for your presentation. Ten tips, therefore, to make speaker, charts and contents more powerful and persuasive. Online and Offline.

Saying NO with courage

Why we often feel inhibited – and what to do about it

Spending an evening helping a colleague to prepare a presentation for the next day? Well, of course! Stepping in at short notice for another colleague who hasn’t bothered to do the slightest preparation for a meeting with a key customer? Why not? Quickly baking a cake for an open day at your kid’s day care center? No problem!

Life can be very stressful if you’re the kind of person who simply can’t say NO! But why is this NO so often so difficult? Why do we get so hung up about what the consequences might be? Why does your head say NO, while the impulse – our remote control – still manages to squeeze out an ever-so-reluctant: yes? That’s precisely what this lecture is all about. We take a look inside the brain to try and work out how to train ourselves to say NO – diplomatically, but with conviction.