Whether it’s a short statement to camera, a studio interview, a background discussion with journalists or a press conference – our goal is to train you to present yourself professionally. The focus is on:

HOW to be convincing, authentic and likeable

WHAT core message you wish to project, including “ingredients” of good communication

How to deal with tricky situations, using our “Eight Emergency Parachutes”

HOW  to shape and influence your media encounters

HOW to improve your voice and your body language

HOW to look your best on camera by making the right choices about clothes, glasses and make-up

HOW to calm your nerves and conquer “stage fright”

Facing the media – a challenge and an opportunity: Be prepared!


Do people enjoy listening to you? Or do you sometimes feel that you are struggling to get your message across? Do you often find yourself being interrupted? It could be that you are not using your key instrument, your voice, to the best effect. Research increasingly suggests that charismatic leadership is simply not possible without a charismatic way of speaking. It is clear that a high level of acoustic charisma can motivate, inspire and convince others.

The good news is: acoustic charisma is something you can learn! We begin our 12-week course by using artificial intelligence to measure and evaluate
16 different parameters of your voice and how you project it. Then the coaching begins, focusing on using the measurements we have made to identify precisely where and how we can work together to develop and deploy your acoustic charisma. You will learn to use emphasis to become more natural and more variable. And you can say goodbye to those annoying “ums” and “ers”! Make the most of your acoustic potential! Book now to profit from our 12-week course or other individual coaching. Boost your acoustic charisma now.


What’s at stake? Sometimes it’s millions. Sometimes it’s ‘only’ your position in the company: you want to capture people’s attention and win them over, present your latest operating results, or ensure that the right decision is made. You want to be to the point – and you want to make your point.

The best way to do that is not to “turn off” your audience with impenetrable slides and charts. You must offer added value. Otherwise, the question will quickly be: Have you only got PowerPoint, or do you have something to say?

We’ll help you to come up with a dynamic and entertaining presentation – regardless of whether your audience is your boss or 500 critical listeners. We’ll also train you on how to field the tough questions that will almost certainly come up. By the way: as with all services offered by the MEDIA TRAINERS, this coaching is available in German and English. And of course: Online as well as offline!


Microplastic particles in baby food, a deadly accident on your company premises, or a frustrated employee who “tells all” to the media. This kind of crisis comes out of the blue and must be smoothly and professionally managed. Above all, that requires good crisis communication.

Why? Because your communicative response to the crisis will be decisive in ensuring whether your customers remain loyal to your brand and your business partners continue to trust in you. Advance preparation to map out convincing crisis communication is therefore a key strategic factor for any business. Be ready to respond to possible crisis scenarios! We can help you develop a Six-Point Plan to deal with an emergency as well as communication strategies for the periods before, during and after the crisis.